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Hardik Shukla

Hardik Shukla

Title: Principal

Email: harry@platinumacres.com.au

Office: 08 7427 1811

Mobile: 0433 633 133

Diploma of Property Services

Hardik Shukla, an energetic and vivacious man, driven by the will “to be the best” and a dedicated full-time property consultant. Hardik happily resides in the Northern Suburbs and also has a finance experience for the past 15 years. Hardik background includes several years in the finance industry and Customer Service which has provided a sound stepping stone, ideal for the Real Estate profession. Like a duck to water, Hardik took to Real Estate understanding the pressures involved and providing an impeccable level of service to his clients. He excelled in his first few months and has not turned back since. His sound knowledge of the industry, outgoing personality, and warm sense of humor have culminated with over 2.0 years of dedication to provide excellence in service, commitment and her attention to detail, distinguishing his above his rivals. As a true professional in every manner and with such passion, results are assured and you, the client, reap this benefit. It costs no more to have the best agent to sell and rent one of your most valuable assets… “Make your next move with Hardik Shukla.

Hitkanvar Singh (Kaavy) – Property Officer

Hitkanvar Singh (Kaavy) – Property Officer

Title: Property Officer

Email: admin@platinumacres.com.au

Office: (08) 7427 1811

Mobile: 0478 221 193

Hitkanvar Singh(Kaavy) is a hardworking, dedicated, and resilient individual who goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Even though he has just started his career in Real Estate he is passionate to learn and grow in the field.
He is also doing his engineering studies at the University Of Adelaide. Hitkanvar Singh(Kaavy) is a quick learner and a good multitask-er.
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